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The Top Things to do and see in Entebbe – Uganda

The Top Things to do and see in Entebbe – along Lake Victoria. Entebbe offers a variety of Top Things to do and see – activities in or near the town

Entebbe – a pleasant town in Uganda that most see as the place where one arrives or departs the Pearl of Africa – the International airport.  Entebbe, however, it is much more – a town from where you can explore the various parks, places, islands, our national zoo and more.

As you pass through the town coming from Entebbe International Airport, it might seem like a nice sleepy African Town, but beyond the main road, there is much more to discover, from food markets to a craft Village,  In our opinion and visitors to Entebbe seem to concur, one of the Best Things to see and do is Entebbe Botanical Gardens, one of the relaxing and restful places in the Kampala and Entebbe area and certainly not to be missed if you are staying here for a night or two.

Entebbe has a pleasant climate for you to enjoy – it is on Lake Victoria and you can reach various choice destinations from here, most of them a short drive, or boat ride, now even by plane or helicopter.  Don’t miss out on what Entebbe and the surrounding area has to offer. Enjoy the top things to do and see in Entebbe.

Raid on Entebbe

For, many Entebbe is synonymous the 1976 successful Raid on Entebbe in order to rescue the hostages of the hijacked plane by Palestinians that had landed in Entebbe during Idi Amin’s Time. It has been freshly brought to the Attention of the world with the release of the movie “7 Days in Entebbe.”

Today the only Raid by Israelis are regular flights by El Al from Telaviv to Entebee bringing Tourists to Entebbe and to Uganda.  The airport that was raided is now a Ugandan Military Base, the airport tower still bears the Bullet marks of that raid and there is a plaque commemorating that day in July of 1976.

The old airport as it is called can be seen from the road on the way to or from the new Airport.  It is also the same airport from which many Indian Families left from when they were evicted from Uganda by Idi Amin in 1972.

Presently, since it is a military airport it is not a tourist site, that might change in the future.  Most, in this, one of the youngest nations in the world, know little about on the Raid on Entebbe.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

It is said (including in the Bradt Guide – Uganda) that one of the original Tarzan movies was made here.  Even if not, it is a great place to spend a half or full day – you will love the flowers, trees, plants, birds, monkeys found here.  Best time is during the week when it is not busy here and there are fewer people and more of nature to enjoy at Entebbe Botanical Gardens.

If you are a Birder, Entebbe Botanical Gardens is the place to go for an introduction to Birding in Uganda.  You will find a wide variety of Birds here including water Birds.

Entebbe for over 100 years has provided Nature Lovers with most of the time quiet oasis.  A place, park where you can take leisurely walks, enjoy the tropical Plants, Trees, the sight and sound of Birds and Primates.

If we go by our clients, the Botanical Gardens are Entebbe’s Best Attractions.

Entebbe Beaches on Lake Victoria

Entebbe Beaches – are great places to relax and enjoy – sunsets on a beach over Lake Victoria and its islands – and yes – this landlocked nation has sandy beaches including at Entebbe along Lake Victoria where you can have lunch or dinner on a sandy beach at a restaurant located on a Beach like Anderita.

During the week, the beaches are quiet, it is on the weekends or holidays that they come alive with Ugandans who come to relax, swim, play volleyball or later on enjoy the night on the beach with music and dance.

For many, the beaches are the places to party, there are however quiet spots along the lake including private beaches that are more tranquil.

Swimming is not something that we recommend due to the potential of contracting Bilharzia.

Entebbe – Uganda Wildlife Educational Center

Uganda Wildlife Education Center – most call it the eNT zoo is a great place to relax and walk around – located along Lake Victoria – you can take an afternoon mini-safari here and enjoy the vegetation, plants, and trees found in Uganda at the same time.

This might interest some, you can even schedule a morning personal encounter with the chimpanzees or be a Zoo Assistant for the day.

A unique feature of the Zoo is that you can spend the night here. Lodging is available and especially those with children may find that a real treat.

Ngamba Chimpanzee Island

Ngamba Chimpanzee Island (chimpanzee orphanage) has become a popular add-on to some of our Safari clients – you can stay overnight here and enjoy the Island and chimpanzees and have an interactive experience with the chimpanzees and watch them during feeding times.

The Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Ngamba can be accessed via the slow-boat which makes this an all-day excursion with two feedings or you can go by speed-boat to the island and easily make it a half-day outing.

For really quick transport you can fly here now, spend the day or stay overnight enjoying the island that many visitors to Uganda have come to appreciate.

Orphaned and Displaced Chimpanzees are brought here from as far away as the Democratic Republic Congo.

Entebbe Fishing for Nile Perch

Entebbe and the surrounding area including the islands offer some great fishing opportunities and a chance to catch the large Nile Perch, Tilapia or other freshwater fish.

This gives you a chance to get out on Africa’s largest lake and at the same time catch one of the largest fresh-water fish, the Nile Perch.

Fishing times can be tailored to meet your time plan for that day. All-Day.

All-day Fishing Trips take in some Ssese Island Locations and the best fishing spots that your guide knows.

This is a professional angler outing and all the Gear needed is provided.  We can arrange a day of fishing for you at the end or beginning of your safari in Entebbe as you arrive or before you fly out.

Sunset Cruise from Entebbe on Lake Victoria

A two-hour cruise at sunset around the Equator on Lake Victoria. The sunset cruise can be done with Wine and Cheese. It the weather is right this is a perfect way to end on the day on Lake Victoria. We can incorporate this into your safari itinerary on your first or last day in Uganda, just let us know.

The starting point is by the Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre – called by most, the Entebbe Zoo and on a most lake-worthy vessel. the pre perfect before dinner cruise for you.

Be sure to bring your camera for a great sunset over Lake Victoria and the Ssese Islands.

Mabamba Swamp

A short trip from Entebbe is Mabamba Swamp, one of the best places in Uganda to see the Shoebill Stork and other water birds. Mabamba Swamp the Best Place for Shoebill Storks.

The trip from Entebbe can be done by car and ferry or we can arrange that it is done by boat. The boat ride through the swamp is done in a fishing boat and you are guided by fishermen who know where the best places are to spot the shoebill Stork and the many other waterbirds that are found here.

The boat ride on the swamp is between two and three hours in length. The drive time to Mabamba Swamp is 45 minutes to one-hour in length.

Entebbe Golfing

When it comes to Golfing, Entebbe has several Golf Courses in the area where a Golfer has a chance to golf on the African Continent in its Pearl Uganda.

Golfing came to Uganda with the British Colonial Government when Uganda was a British Protectorate. It was not a colony like Kenya or Tanzania.

During those Colonial Times, a lot of things were brought in and many of them remain to this day, Golf being one of them.

Entebbe due to its more pleasant climate than Kampala was the capital and a golf course was started along with the Entebbe Botanical Gardens.

Today Golfing has a growing fanbase among the emerging Ugandan middle-class. You can golf right in Entebbe on an 18-Hole course or go further afield including staying the Lake Victoria Lake Serena Resort which now has a golf course.

Zika Forest

Yes, Zika Forest where the Zika Virus was first discovered by researchers in 1947. The current strain that is presently causing havoc in parts of the world is not the strain that was found here in 1947. There is no Zika Virus present in Zika Forest or in Uganda. Research is done here on insects trapped in the forest and researchers come up with valuable information for the scientific community of Uganda and elsewhere.

Tourists come here, mostly birders, but even others drawn by the name and a chance to see a tropical forest near Entebbe. You will find as said a tropical forest, birds, monkeys and a variety of butterflies. Uganda is a birding and butterfly destination and you can start off in Zika Forest.