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Entebbe is located on a small peninsular in Lake Victoria around 40kms from the capital city of Uganda – Kampala. All major international flights come through Entebbe airport, however there is more to do here than just catch a flight! A trip to Entebbe wouldn’t be complete without seeing the top attractions , we believe you will definitely enjoy what the city has to offer.


For the birders, Entebbe is a birding haven, Mabamba Swamp is located west of Entebbe on the northern shore of Lake Victoria. The wetland has over 300 bird species including the endemic and threatened species like the shoe bill stork, Blue swallow, Pallid Harrier, Papyrus Gonolek, White-Winged Warbler. Other  bird species to spot on this island are Grey-crowned Crane, Gull-billed Tern, Hadada Ibis, Harmerkop, Levaillant’s Cuckoo, Little Egret, Little Stilt, Long-tailed Cormorant, Long-toed Lapwing, Malachite Kingfisher, Marsh Harrier, Northern Brown-throated Weather, Orange Weaver, Papyrus Gonolek, Pied Kingfisher, Pied Wagtail, Pink-backed Pelican, Pint-tailed Whyda, Purple Heron, Red-chested Cuckoo, Red-eyed Dove, Red-headed Love-bird and many others.

Nature Walks

Nature Walks to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (ENTEBBE ZOO).

This is a great way to enjoy the beauty of our natural uganda and learn about biodiversity of Entebbe.

Sight Seeing Trips

One day sight seeing trips to Kampala and Entebbe which covers Uganda Museum, Kasubi tombs, Gadafi mosque, Uganda parliament and Entebbe zoo.

Jinja Trip covers Source of the Nile where one takes a boat trip and Bujagali falls where you enjoy variety of activities which include white water rafting; traditional dancers and acrobatics done by a group of disabled persons.

Ngamba Island Tour

Founded by the Jane Goodall Institute in 1998 this 100 acre island is a refuge for over 40 rescued chimpanzees and the feeding sessions are a must watch Boat trips or cruises on Lake Victoria as you see the beauty of the lake and various bird species can be arranged by selected tour operators. You can visit the island as a half-day trip departing at either 9am or 1pm. It is also possible to experience the chimpanzees “close up” although this must be booked well in advance to make sure you have all the necessary vaccinations.

Sport Fishing  

While in Entebbe, Lake Victoria is a fishing spot where you will be able to catch one of the biggest fish in the lake the Nile perch. Other small fish you will be to catch are lung fish and tilapia. Half or Full-Day boat trips are available on the lake to fish for the legendary Nile Perch, known for their size and exciting fishing. The best is to go as a small group (3-4 people) as it splits the cost of the boat.

Nature walks

Entebbe botanical gardens is a home to over 300 varieties of exotic plant species as well as an abundance of birdlife, Black and White Colobus and Vervet Monkeys. The place to be for the love of botany, you will be able to spot different tree species, shrubs, flowers as well as whispers from the different bird species like Jackson’s Golden –backed, Black-headed, Vieillot’s black weavers, orange-tufted, red chested Sunbirds, Orange Weaver, slender-billed Northern Brown –throated and yellow backed, insects, butterflies and primates like patus monkeys.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Also close by, the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) is a centre for the recuperation, breeding and rehabilitation of native Ugandan animals that have been rescued from poachers or illegal traders, or from injury in their wild habitats. UWEC strive to release rehabilitated animals back into the wild when possible and also work to educate the people of Uganda about the importance of our local animals and conservation.

You can visit UWEC to see some of Uganda’s unique and rare animals such as the shoebill stork, rhino, chimpanzee, ostrich and hyena. Other more in-depth visits are also available such as “Chimpanzee Close-up”, “Behind the Scenes Tours” and “Keeper for a Day Experience”.

Picnic to the beaches

80% of the sand beaches are in Entebbe because of Lake Victoria, it’s always fun relaxing on the sand beaches as you enjoy fresh fish. There are also other fun activities like swimming, beach football and volleyball.

Boat cruise to the islands and sailing

These will take you for another world of the Ssese islands the archipelago of islands in Lake Victoria for gate a ways and fun. Most weekends you will realize so many boats sailing on Lake Victoria. If you can’t join the sailing then cheer on.

18 Hole Golf Course

Right below opposite the state house of Uganda there is a golf club where the golfers spend their time. Entebbe has a well-groomed 18 hole course dotted with exotic trees and even the odd monkey! Day membership and club hire are available to travellers. Join in for the game and classes. While there you will also be able to see monkeys from the zoo come around.

Search for Shoebill in Mbamba Swamp

A half day trip (early morning is best), 1 hour from Entebbe are the Mbamba swamps, a fantastic habitat to spot the rare Shoebill Stork in the wild. A trip includes return transfers from Karibu as well as a boat through the swamp.

Sunset Boat Cruises on Lake Victoria

Take a 1 – 1 ½ hour cruise out onto the lake to watch the beautiful colours created by the sun as it sets on the horizon. This is also a great opportunity to see some amazing bird life on the waters edge. There are a couple of options for the cruise, we can advise you on the best to suit your needs.