Bilharzia (also known as Schistosomiasis or snail fever) can be very unpleasant and detrimental who has been infected.

Best Ways to Prevent Bilharzia in the Lakes – Rivers of Entebbe – know which lakes and rivers are safe and Bilharzia-Free. Bilharzia is a nasty – hard to diagnose disease that is found in many lakes in Uganda – even at times in lakes that are so-called Bilharzia Free.

The disease is transmitted through tiny snails that penetrate the skin and find their way into the liver. Symptoms are fever, cough, abdominal pain later on many suffering are simply tired and drained.  It can be easily treated but is best prevented by following some steps.

Avoid bathing, swimming, wading near a village on the lake – stay in the water for less than ten minutes.  Dry your body thoroughly with a towel rubbing briskly.  Swim early in the day, rather than later.  Cover yourself with insect repellent before swimming – it may offer some protection.  This is also recommended when White-Water rafting the Nile at Jinja in Uganda.

Best advice – swim in  a pool instead of a lake or slow-moving river in spite of someone saying it is Bilharzia Free.

Best Ways to Prevent Bilharzia

You will not always get Bilharzia swimming in an infested lake or river, it can take weeks, months for symptoms to show – you can purchase Anti – Bilharzia Pills in Pharmacies in Entebbe. Best to see your doctor back home.

  1. Bathe – Swim away from villages, which are often hot-beds of Bilharzia Snails.
  2. Take a Boat into the lake and swim from there.
  3. After swimming rub your body and feet vigorously with a Towel.
  4. Use Insect Repellent containing Deet before swimming – it should help a bit.
  5. If you swim in risky areas do so early in the morning or later in the early evening.
  6. If there is a crunch as you walk into a lake or river – most likely there is Bilharzia.
  7. Avoid Lake Victoria – the still waters of Rivers such as the Nile – especially the now dammed areas. White water rafting usually takes place in Bilharzia Free Portions of the Nile.
  8. Swim in Lakes that are Bilharzia Free.
  9. Swim in the pool of lodges or hotels and stay safe and healthy.