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Transport In Entebbe

Transport in Entebbe

Welcome to Entebbe. Once here, take your time and relax as you enjoy your drive from the airport down to Kampala. This may take about 45 minutes or slightly more with traffic jam. While in Kampala, you can get around by train, bus, car (special hire taxi) or Passenger taxi (matatu) or motorbike (boda boda).

There are several car rental agencies that offer affordable Car rental services in Entebbe and to the different areas within Uganda. Rental Cars will enable you get around easily.

Here are the most popular rental cars available for hire in Uganda;

Saloon/Sedan Cars. The number of Passengers can be 3 or 4 with Luggage and are fit for short distances on smooth road. This costs ranges from USD 50 per day with a driver inclusive

Station Wagons; The number of passengers can be 3 or 4 with luggage. These are 4×4 and can cover all weather road and long distance, Price ranges from USD 100 per day with driver inclusive.

Mini-Bus. The number of passengers can be 6 or 7 and their luggage. The mini-bus can either be a safari mini-bus with pop up roof or an Executive van ( Super custom) for corporate travel. The price ranges from USD 100 per day with driver.

Coaster. The number of passengers can be up to 35 . This is very suitable for group travel, [Car rental uganda] conference travel and group sight seeing tours. The price ranges from USD 150 per day.

Getting Around Entebbe


The best way to get around Entebbe town and the neighbouring towns is by using minibus-type taxis called matatus. This is the most efficient and cost-effective method of transportation in urban areas, but try not to get ripped off by the conductors as they sometimes try to overcharge tourists. The Matatus are crowded, cheap, frequent, and make lots of stops.

They run along fixed routes, picking up and dropping off people on allocated stages along the route. If you want to get on, stand at the side of the road and wave your arm. To get off, say “stage “Maso Awo” and the driver will pull over and let you off. They’re not marked with destinations, so you’ll have to listen to the destinations that the drivers are yelling out the window or in the designated taxi parks in the City. If you’re not sure where to catch a taxi going to your destination, just ask a nearby driver or conductor, and they’ll probably be able to point you in the right direction. Taxis, called special hire taxis, are available in the city. Fares are negotiable over long distances.

Pioneer Bus/City Buses

Pioneer Bus is a very nice option to take around town. You can identify these buses by their orange and black colors and large size.
How these buses operate is similar to the matatu system except more organized. You will find the conductor and driver wearing nice clean uniforms with ties. The service is very professional and friendly. There are set bus stops all over town, which eliminates the sudden stopping and starting. And perhaps the best part of all is that these buses have a standard fare no matter how far or near you travel.


Several bus companies offer direct lines between Entebbe and neighbouring towns have stations in the city.  Uganda has decent bus system. There are two classes of buses. The “matatu taxis” are actually minibuses or commuter vans which run fixed routes. Then there are the real buses which run less frequently, usually leaving Entebbe early in the morning. There are many companies which almost all leave from the same general area. Domestic bus travel is reasonable and cheap between major centers, and is a good choice for backpackers with time, but may not run reliably on schedule.

Note that both buses and “taxis” do not run on fixed schedules; rather, they leave their terminus stop when they are completely full. On heavily-travelled routes they fill up within minutes and this is not a problem, but on less-travelled routes (or if getting on a large bus), be prepared to wait a while before departure.

Special Hire Taxi

Probably the safest and fastest way for a group of 4 to 5 people to travel in Kampala is by Special Hire Taxi.
In general, white or yellow Toyota Corolla’s seem to be the taxi of choice and can be identified by the “taxi” sign on top of the car or by the man yelling out his window at you. There are many taxi stages around town including Garden City, the National Theatre, and Pioneer Mall. The price is dependent on where you are going and how far it is.


The roads in Entebbe are good. When planning to move around Entebbe it is best not to ask how far it is but to ask how long it will take. Local drivers normally have a good idea of how long journeys will take. There saloon vehicle hire companies in the city. This will cost upwards of US$50.00 per day (not including fuel).

Boda Bodas

Perhaps the most adventurous thing you can do in Entebbe is ride on a boda boda. These are commercial motorbikes. While they may be quite risky to use, they are the fastest and can get you to your destination in a split of seconds. They have mastered the art of maneuvering their way through heavy traffic thus a favourite for many. Always be cautious while using a boda boda, you can tell the rider to go slow or fast if you so desire and be careful not to miss carrying your helmet.
You will definitely wish to try them.

Executive Travel Means From Entebbe

Airport Transfers Uganda

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A Private Airport taxi in Uganda is often the best choice for an individual or group of people. You have the sedan or van for your exclusive use, meaning direct service with no other passengers except for those in your party. Also we have Point-To-Point Transfers refer to trips in which there is a single pickup location and a single drop off location. Plus, it can keep your trip costs down if you don’t need a chauffeur waiting for you. All we ask is that you get ready at the scheduled time for the pickup.

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Airport Transfers Entebbe offers Airport Taxi Services from Entebbe International Airport to Kampala and to other destinations within Uganda. We offer professional Taxi Services in a wide range of car types to suit your needs. Our Taxi Drivers are well trained and experienced to offer professional chauffeur services as you will certainly require.

Stemar Car Hire and Tours
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