Entebbe is the main gateway to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Traveling from Entebbe is easier when yiu book a rental car to get you around Uganda. Though most companies offer car hire from Entebbe Airport, it is important to choose a car rental agency that is both reliable and trustworthy! It is not good to incur more costs on car rental as this increases car rental expenditure on the road.

In Uganda, most travelers find themselves spending unnecessary costs when they travel across the country. This is due lack of enough information about car rental in Uganda and what it takes to rent a car or hire a car. It is always advised to make all the payments in time in order to be saved from what may result from failure to pay. Below are tips to avoid the un necessary car rental charges in Uganda.

1.Read Your Car Rental Agreement Well

Make sure you read and understand the car rental agreement. This is a very important document when you hire or rent a car in Uganda. It is a binding agreement between the owner of the car and the  traveler. It is with in this document that the traveler gets to know the most important things to be paid before signing. Car rental agreement only indicates a portion of what is paid before the road trip inn Uganda and after the road trip. While on the road, you are advised to use your saving behaviors and not to spend excessively. When you read and carefully understand the binding agreement, unnecessary car rental fees will be avoided in any way.

2.Return the Car in Time

Take note of the return date. When you rent a car in Uganda, make sure that you return on the agreed date to avoid the extra charges by the car rental companies. Usually renting a car is normally for a short agreed period in order to enable others to rent a car as you did before them. Make sure all your planned activities are done with in the period indicated in the car rental agreement to avoid rushing and doing unperfect activities on the last day. If it is difficult to be done in time, inform the service provider in order to add you more days at a more reduced price than the price before.

3. Inspect the Car & Take Note of Its State

Inspect the car before setting off to the road. Unnecessary car rental fees are due to lack of inspection of the car of interest. Travelers are always advised to do thoroughly checkup of the car before taking it on the road. This avoids incurring costs that had already existed before you hired the car for your personal activities. Make sure all the major necessities car should have are all present by the time you set off the car from the car rental premises or the airport.

4. Inform the Agency of Any Breakdown or Emergency

Report to the car rental desk in case of an emergency. In case of a mechanical problem , you always advised to call back to the office and get assistance you deserve. For any damage on the car that is beyond repair, is not your responsibility to replace it. You do it for your own sake thus increasing car rental expenses. However, you should very carefully to avoid such senerios to occur in your presence because they may travel a disastrous.