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Shopping Centers


Entebbe is an exciting city for shoppers as everything you may need is readily available. Trendy styles from various fashion capitals of the world, groceries, electronics, households, gifts and more. Most shopping in Kampala is concentrated in shopping malls and upmarket large chain supermarkets and shopping centres.

You can have an interesting mix of old and new, African and Western, sophisticated and basic when it comes to shopping in Kampala. In parts of the city, there are markets and a few minutes away you can find a towering office block and a shopping complex offering designer labels and high tech computing equipment. The range of goods available is the widest on offer in Uganda so if you need anything specialist or luxury it’s always best to purchase it whilst in Kampala rather than hope to find it elsewhere. For Ugandan products and essentials such as vegetables and fruit, it’s not worth visiting the more expensive western style shops, as the prices will be higher and the goods will have been sourced locally anyway.

Victoria Mall
Love it or loathe it, mall culture has well and truly arrived in Uganda, with this shiny new complex opening in 2013. As well as eateries and shops, there’s a Nakumatt supermarket that comes in handy for groceries as well as camping equipment. What makes shopping at Victoria Mall exciting is its ability to accommodate tastes and preferences of all its visitors. You will never be left with a sense that you have not got your money’s worth – at least not with all the hot deals up for grabs, many shops here compete to give their customers and clients irresistible discounts, ordinary and combo packages that will make you want to return again and again and again for more exciting offers.

Imperial Mall
Located on Lugard Avenue in Entebbe, Imperial Mall is a one stop state-of-the-art shopping mall. From Banks, Cinema, Supermarkets to Boutiques and Cafes. Imperial Mall has direct frontage to the Entebbe Express Highway making it have great visibility and accessibility to customers that will potentially increase on its footfall and car traffic numbers. Imperial Mall is set in a Tuscan inspired architectural masterpiece that is designated to offer a vibrant and exciting mix of shopping, discount food, service, home, fitness, fashion and entertainment.

Pearl Supermarket
Plot 8, Kitoro Entebbe | P.O.Box 237, Entebbe
+256 414 320 754
Are you in Entebbe, Uganda? Do not know where to find a good supermarket to make your purchases? Well without a doubt the best place where you can assist is pearl supermarket entebbe, for its fantastic quality and low prices. It is the nearest supermarket located in Kitoro area.

Upland Supermarket
Plot 1A Kitoro Road, Entebbe | P.O Box 252, Entebbe
+256 41 4321880 | +256 (0) 772 501253
Be it the daily, weekly or monthly shopping. Whether you are preparing for a function or going off on Safari, the Upland Supermarket located in Kitoro, Entebbe will provide you with a wide variety of all your needs. They offer fresh bread, frozen meat products, imported foodstuffs, consumables, toiletries, fresh vegetables, and a large selection of wines and alcoholic beverages. Mobile phone top-up is also available over the counter.

S&S Supermarket
Lyamutundwe ,Nkumba University Close, Entebbe
+256 (0) 772 430588
It has a convenient shopping space, good customer service and the best grocery store around. It is also good supermarket in Entebbe with variety of services- restaurant, bar, saloon, washing bay, a shopping mall is being constructed.