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Local Markets

Kitoro Market
Kitoro market is a kind of bazaar where women’s clothing, batik wall hangings, carved wooden animals and household items like vegetables are sold. Tuesday is the market’s busiest day and the majority of the vendors are open. Kitoro is particularly famous among tourists for being the perfect destination to experience Ugandan culture first-hand.

Entebbe Crafts Village
The village is a rich destination for beautiful works of art produced by Ugandans. It is the largest arts and crafts retailer in Uganda. Located at plot 12 Portal Lane along Entebbe – Kampala highway there are 50 stores teeming with over 30,000 products and 250 inspirational activities and hundreds of exciting ideas. You will discover everything you need to get crafty. Items on display include creatively-designed watches, bangles, sculptures, garments, foot wears and necklaces. There is also a selection of jewellery, paintings, batiks, antiques and masks.

Nakiwogo Market
Kiwafu Rd, Entebbe, Uganda
Fish, vegetables, clothing items, household furniture, electronic appliances and all kinds of beverages and fruits are sold at these markets.

Kitubulu Market
This is one of the busiest markets in Entebbe. Here you can find all sorts of goods for sale, but it is most popular with travelers for its wide range of groceries from all sorts of cultures in Uganda. Bargain hard, as they tend to raise the prices when mzungus (white people) are sniffing around.