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Forex Bureaus

Money Transactions

There is a wide array of forex (foreign currency exchange) bureau’s to choose from, with several international banks represented.

The US dollar and the pound sterling are the strongest currencies used in Uganda and are the easiest to exchange. US dollar notes dated prior to 1997 are turned away, we recommend if you are using US$ to bring notes issued not earlier than 2000. Also, notes smaller than US$50 attract a far lower exchange rate. All forex bureau’s take cash – so please look around for the best exchange rate.

We suggest you bring cash and/or credit cards with you as opposed to traveler’s cheques, as the exchange rate (on traveler’s cheques) is much lower. You can change money on your way in at the airport, because it is convenient, however, be aware that the airport is currently not as competitive as forex bureau’s in Entebbe. Try to have all your cash needs arranged before leaving Entebbe if you can.

Entebbe Forex Bureau Ltd
Plot 18, Kitoro Road
P.O B ox 239, Entebbe
+256 774 185 841

Jet Set Forex Bureau Ltd
Entebbe International Airport Arrivals Lounge
+256 773 244983
It’s a company with the best and most convenient service. One that understands and appreciates our customers and employees. Our mission is to provide an exceptionally excellent service to our customers with commitment and 24-hour convinience.

Metropolitan Forex Bureau Ltd
Victoria Mall Branch – Entebbe
Metropolitan FX Bureau has provided services to many well known and established corporations, NGOs, companies and institutions in Uganda and also to hundreds satisfied local individuals and foreign tourists as well. Our friendly and welcoming staff is ready to assist you.

Josca Forex Bureau
Plot 27 Kampala Road, Abayita Ababiri, Entebbe
We are always open and have the best forex exchange rates in Entebbe.

Industrial Graphics Forex Bureau
Plot 23-25 Kampala Road, Entebbe