Entebbe Beaches – are great places to relax and enjoy – sunsets on a beach over Lake Victoria and its islands – and yes – this landlocked nation has sandy beaches including at Entebbe along Lake Victoria where you can have lunch or dinner on a sandy beach at a restaurant located on a Beach like Anderita.

Uganda is endowed with attractions that lure visitors to its shore lines every year-thanks to Lake Victoria, which is highly endowed with several beaches. More than 80 percent of the Beaches in Uganda are situated in Entebbe or along the Entebbe – Kampala stretch. At these beaches; clean and beautiful white-sand, celestial sunrises, remarkable rare birds are but a few of the treats that await anyone.

During the week, the beaches are quiet, it is on the weekends or holidays that they come alive with Ugandans who come to relax, swim, play volleyball or later on enjoy the night on the beach with music and dance. For many, the beaches are the places to party, there are however quiet spots along the lake including private beaches that are more tranquil. Swimming is not something that we recommend due to the potential of contracting Bilharzia.

Here below are beaches that rank best.

  1. Aero Beach
  2. Imperial Resort Beaches
  3. Botanical Garden Beach
  4. One love Beach
  5. Nabinyonya Resort Beach
  6. Lido Beach
  7. Lutembe Beach
  8. Nabugabo Sand Beach
  9. Ssese Islands
  10. Bulago Island Beach
  11. Ssese Gateway Beach
  12. Anderita Beach

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