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Culture and Heritage

Kampala can be considered the centre of Uganda’s culture. It is home National museum, theatres, architectural monuments and universities.
The cuisine in Kampala has been influenced by cooking techniques from all over world. However, few Kampala restaurants do feature some dishes that are unique or characteristic of Uganda. Also famous is the Rolex, which is a mixture of fried eggs, tomatoes, cabbages and sometimes meet, all wrapped in fried dough commonly known as Chapati, this is sold on roadside stalls.
Kampala is also the center of the Ugandan art scene. There are a number of galleries exhibiting the work of modern and contemporary artists.
Famous traditional crafts markets are in the city offer you a wide range of African crafts. These range from metal works, hand-carvings, and paintings to mention but a few.

These are some of the cultural and heritage centers you can visit during your stay in Kampala.

Uganda National Museum
Uganda National Museum, Kamwokya, Kampala, Uganda
Visit is the biggest and the oldest Museum in Uganda which founded in 1908, the Uganda Museums remarkable collection spans over two million years of human history. Enjoy an African history cultures and treasures of Uganda under one roof.

Rubaga Cathedral
St Mary’s Church, Kampala, Lubaga, Central Region, Uganda
The twin-towered Roman Catholic Church. The huge building was restored for the Pope’s visit of Uganda. It has great historical significance in the history of the catholic church. The transept is a memorial to the Uganda Martyrs (dozens of Ugandan Christians burnt to death by Kabaka Mwanga II in 1885 and 1886 for refusing to renounce the white man’s religion), 22 Catholic victims, later declared saints, are enshrined in the stained-glass windows.

Kasubi Royal Tombs
Kasubi Royal Tombs, Masiro Road, Kampala, Uganda, UGANDA
Visit the tombs that are of significance to the Buganda kingdom, the huge thatched-roof palace of the Unesco World Heritage listed Kasubi Tombs was tragically destroyed in an arson attack in March 2010. Fortunately construction is in its final stages. Built in 1882 as the palace of the King Mutesa I, it was converted into his tomb following his death two years later.

Ndere Center
Ndere Cultural Centre, Kisaasi – Kyanja Road, Kampala, Central Region, Uganda.
Ndere Centre is the Home of Cultures, the center is built on 9 acres of well-maintained green, beautifully flowered walk ways and shaded by very mature fruit and other African trees. The rare architecture is a seamless combination of artistic creativity with simplicity that takes African forms, materials, colours and construction to unprecedented heights.