This is what makes Entebbe tick

If you have been in Uganda and have not toured Entebbe town, then you are missing and must sneak there. It remains vividly treed with flowers and the green lawns running down to the shores of Lake Victoria make Entebbe one of the most delightful towns in Uganda. If you have been in Uganda and […]

The Freedom Tree in Entebbe Town

Under its shed, freedom was conceived Many people in Entebbe and surrounding areas may not know the real essence of Entebbe Freedom Tree located in the heart of Entebbe town, although it is one of the remaining historical symbols that Uganda should take pride in, as we mark the jubilee celebrations on Tuesday. An impromptu […]

250 Israeli Tourists Visit Entebbe Airport

A group of 250 tourists from Israel jetted into the country on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 and commenced their tour with a visit to the site of the historic July, 4, 1976 raid on Entebbe at the old airport at which one of their own and Commander, Yona Netanyahu lost his life in a bid […]

Uganda Wildlife Authority Unveils Entebbe Airport Branding

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) on Tuesday presented its new branding of the Entebbe International Airport with a nature theme that both highlights the country’s natural attractions and leverages recent media accolades. UWA’s initiated a partnership with both the Civil Aviation Authority and USAID’s Sustainable Tourism in the Albertine Rift project to influence this authentic Ugandan […]

Ssese Islands 2019: Top Things To Do and See

Ah, Ssese Islands! Unlike many of my peers who have no other aspiration than to draw their salary, raise a family and ensure that they keep out of any kind of trouble, I have always had a curious desire to explore my country – and eastern Africa in general. For this part of the world […]

Visibility Key in Tourism Promotion – Hon. St. Alain Ange

The Minister of Works and Transport, Hon. Monica A. Ntege (center) with CAA Board, Management and stakeholders at the breakfast engagement. Hon. St. Alain Ange, the keynote speaker at CAA’s Stakeholders engagement breakfast held at Kampala Serena Hotel on December 6, 2018 emphasized the importance of positive visibility in promoting Uganda’s tourism potential. You may […]

Entebbe Beaches on Lake Victoria

Entebbe Beaches – are great places to relax and enjoy – sunsets on a beach over Lake Victoria and its islands – and yes – this landlocked nation has sandy beaches including at Entebbe along Lake Victoria where you can have lunch or dinner on a sandy beach at a restaurant located on a Beach […]

Ways to Prevent Bilharzia on Entebbe Waters

Bilharzia (also known as Schistosomiasis or snail fever) can be very unpleasant and detrimental who has been infected. Best Ways to Prevent Bilharzia in the Lakes – Rivers of Entebbe – know which lakes and rivers are safe and Bilharzia-Free. Bilharzia is a nasty – hard to diagnose disease that is found in many lakes in […]

Oldest Known Ugandan Chimpanzee Dies at 54

Zakayo’s name has been synonymous to Chimpanzees both in the wild and those under captivity. Zakayo celebrated his 54th birthday in a colourful ceremony held at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC), Entebbe, last year. A statement issued by UWEC, read,”With deep sorrow and grief, UWEC (Entebbe Zoo) hereby announces the death of our oldest […]

Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Rental Car Fees in Uganda

Entebbe is the main gateway to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Traveling from Entebbe is easier when yiu book a rental car to get you around Uganda. Though most companies offer car hire from Entebbe Airport, it is important to choose a car rental agency that is both reliable and trustworthy! It is not good […]