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When and Where to get a Uganda Tourist Visa

The Easiest Way to obtain a Ugandan Tourism Visa is on Arrival at Entebbe International Airport.

There are three ways for you to obtain a Ugandan Tourist Visa. You can do so on online and use your credit card with a fee added. This might be ideal for those that want everything in place prior to their arrival.

You can also apply for a Ugandan Tourist Visa through the Ugandan Embassy in your country. This is the most time-consuming and most expensive way unless the Embassy is close by.

For Example in the USA, you send your passport to the Ugandan Embassy with overnight mail and have a return envelope inside for them to use to return the passport to you. That alone is substantially more than the on arrival visa cost of 50 USD.

The easiest way for most is to buy your Ugandan Tourist Visa on Arrival in Uganda at the point of Entry such as Entebbe International Airport. 50 USD is all that it takes without any of the hassles of online forms or applying with the Ugandan Embassy in your country.

The Easiest Way -for a Ugandan Visa is to apply on Arrival at Point of Entry such as Entebbe:

Most Choose the on-arrival way of obtaining there Ugandan Visa. It costs a flat 50USD, no extra fees, it is the most convenient way for most.

Those that want their Ugandan Visa settled before Arrival can apply online or with the Ugandan Embassy that is in the country.

The East African Tourist Visa – can also be obtained at the point of Entry in Uganda such as Entebbe but you have to ask for it. Please note that the 100 USD Visa is obtained from the country that is your first to visit in East Africa. Presently there is no central East African Visa application online it has to be done through the Country you will first visit.

Apply online for your Ugandan Tourist Visa
For Peace of Mind – some want to settle the Visa ahead of their Arrival.

For most visitors, the economical and efficient way is to buy the Ugandan Tourist Visa on arrival.  For those that want the assurance of having a visa in hand, there is the online way. For the latter, read on and click on the Link that will get you to the Ugandan Immigration Web Page.

How does the Uganda 50 USD online Tourist E-Visa work?

Simply fill out the online application, upload any supporting items, pay with your credit card (there is a credit card fee) and a few years later you have an email with a barcode in it.

This email. printed out,  is what you present upon arrival to the immigration officials where it will be scanned and the visa will be pasted into your passport as you are welcomed to Uganda.

The Process for applying for an East African Tourist Visa is quite similar and you can find the information here that you need.

  1. Apply online for your Ugandan E-Visa
  2. Apply for your East African Tourist Visa online if Uganda is your first Country of Entry in East Africa. Visa will be good for Uganda – Rwanda, and Kenya.
  3. You will receive an email with a barcode upon successfully applying for your visa from Uganda Immigration. Put the Email in your passport when traveling into your passport for safe keeping.
  4. Upon arriving in Entebbe International Airport hand the Immigration Official your passport and email with the barcode.  They will scan the barcode and paste the visa sticker into your passport. Welcome to Uganda.
  5. You can also apply for a visa to Uganda with the Ugandan Embassy or Consulate in your country. Normally the most expensive way due to overnight postage.
  6. 3rd Party Providers offer Ugandan Visas – act with caution since you are adding another layer, extra cost to your visa.  The third party has to get the Visa from Uganda Immigration (we have had problems with clients getting scammed applying for a Rwanda Visa using a third party).

The new E-Visa should speed up the process of your processing time at Entebbe airport since you will not need the normal interview.  We hope that the new application E-Visa system will work out for Visitors and Uganda Immigration and those of us in the Tourism Industry. We will notify you on this page if the present on arrival Visa System is scrapped and replaced by the online E-Visa system.  The scrapping of the system would make it harder for those who do not have a computer – are not computer savvy, etc.

Apply for your Ugandan 50 USD Tourism E-Visa: Click on the link and you will be on the first page of your application process The application takes in several pages but should be finished in about 10 minutes.Be sure to look for your Email from Uganda Immigration, check your junk mail folder if you do not see it. Please remember that the East African Visa can also be applied for here if Uganda is your first country of Entry – the cost is the same for either Ugandan or East African Tourist Visa – 50 USD per person. We wish you success in filling out the forms – if you need help – please contact us if you are our client.Yellow Fever Immunization Certificate Required for Entrance to Uganda.

Croc Alert: Do not use the Uganda Travel Authorization Service – Clients lost money – no Visa. Get your Visa on arrival where possible- Embassies, or official Country Immigration Services – but not imitation sites that take your money and you lost your money and have no visa.

Uganda Travel Authorization Service is not based in Uganda but operates out of Spain.

We have been asked to link this page and others to their page, which we refused even though we were offered pay for click-throughs.

Our Experience is this, one of our Clients lost their money and received no Visa.

TripAdvisor also has a complaint posted against the Service which calls them a Scam.

Though most 3rd Party Advisors are legitimate, we see no need for one for Tourists to East Africa and to Uganda where you can get a Visa including the East African Visa on arrival.

Be Crocwise when using  3rd party service Uganda Travel Authorization.

Our Practical Advice:

Tourism is one of-of the most important income producers for Uganda.  10% of Uganda’s income comes from Tourism, only Coffee sales exceed Tourism Tourism generates more income than all Ugandan manufacturers and Banks.  Tourism is on the Increase each year, we can measure it directly by the number of Clients we handle each year.

Visas and Tourism go hand in hand. Uganda has an online visa system, go to Uganda’s Facebook page and you will see that the online system lacks practical functionality that makes the process easier. in our opinion, it does not.

Uganda’s dual system of online and on arrival visas gives Tourist a choice.  The online system does not make the arrival process any quicker since the actual visa has to be put into your passport then

On arrival is the easiest way to obtain a visa and no bureaucrat should change the system unless it is easier. Even Trendy Rwanda with its emphasis on online Services as of January 1-2018 has a dual system, again most of our Clients use the on-arrival system.